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The Shred.Co Team


Evan Dittig

Founder and Executive Director

Evan is 25 years old, a sponsored skateboarder and a St. John's University graduate. For the past 14 years he's been riding a skateboard, half of those years were spent teaching it! Some of Evan's past and present sponsors include Underground Skateshop, Brixton, Huf Footwear, and Enjoi Skateboards. Evan founded Shred.Co as a way to share his passion for skateboarding with others, he believes skateboarding can better lives in not just his community but around the world.


Jordan Galiano

Skate Instructor, Photographer and Builder

Jordan is the man behind the lens in most of our skate photographs. At 26 years old, Jordan is a founding member of the Pequannock Skatepark Association, which has been working to build a skatepark in his hometown of Pequannock, NJ. When he's not out improving the local skate scene he can be found working at the photo studio in town.


Leo Costa

Skate Instructor

Leo is 25 years old, has been skateboarding for 10 years and currently enrolled at Ramapo University in New Jersey. Leo's past and present sponsors include NJ Skateshop, Diamond Supply Co, and HUF footwear. When he's not at school or giving personal lessons, Leo can be found cruising the streets of NYC or shredding Ridge Park with technical ledge tricks and strong pop.


Nick Pagoria

Skate Instructor and Summer Camp Counselor

Nick is one of our youngest team member at age 20, but don't let his age fool you, he's wise beyond his years and can skate transition better then us all! Nick has been skating bowls since he was a toddler thanks to his Arizona roots and supportive family. He is currently studying business at Ol' Miss University in Mississippi and instructs during his breaks!

Brandon Grant

Skate Instructor and Summer Camp Counselor

Brandon is one of our most talented skateboarders with a ledge game thats unmatched! He currently studies photography at the School of Visual Arts but on his off time he's an instructor at our Shreducation programs and a summer camp counselor.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 11.56.39 AM.png

Elijah Butts

Skate Instructor

Elijah is 20 years old and was Shred.Co's first unofficial employee. Elijah started an internship with us back in early 2017 and he's been getting our skaters hyped ever since!


Wes Van Heest

Videographer and Filmmaker

Skateboard film making legend, Wes Van Heest, is known in the skate world for his east coast masterpieces Stay Stackin' and the In Crust We Trust video. He's past experience working on the Rachel Ray show and various freelance documentaries make him a mastermind behind the lens. Wes volunteered to film and edit our Spread the Shred videos from Cuba and South Africa.


Madison McKamey

Videographer & Filmmaker

Madison was born and raised in South Carolina before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in film at Santa Monica College. Madison currently works as a freelance film director, and has shot and directed multiple music videos, docu-series, and skateboard films. Including our therapeutic skate documentary!


Craig Salerno

Therapeutic Skate Coordinator

Craig is a seasoned veteran when it comes to the skate scene, he grew up in the golden era of skateboarding jumping down massive stair sets and handrails in the late 90's and early 2000's. Craig now has his masters degree in psychotherapy and is currently the clinical director at North Star Transition's residential treatment center in Boulder Colorado.

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