Important Announcement

Due to Covid-19 all Spring Programs and personal lessons have been temporarily suspended until a further date.

For those still interested in shredding from the safety of their home, online sessions are available on our site using ZOOM video chats. Check out SkateBORED in our bookings for more info!


Spring 2020 Municipal Programs

March - June 2020

Whether you’re interested in trying out skateboarding for the first time or are looking to improve your previous skills, Shred.Co offers various classes for every level of experience! Join any of our municipal programs to develop your skillset in a professional and positive environment, and start shredding today!

All programs include skill building exercises, skateboard-games, trick tips, professional demonstration, mini-contests with prizes and giveaways and more! Protective gear is required for all programs.

Maplewood YMCA Skate Classes

Where: Maplecrest Park, Maplewood NJ

When: Thursdays, March 19- April 23

Time: Beginner 5-6pm, Intermediate 6-7pm

Cost: $105 for Y-Members, $132 for Non-members

West Orange Rec Skate Classes

Where: 3 Rose Terr, West Orange NJ

When: Mondays, March 30-April 27

Time: 6-7pm

Cost: $110 for Residents, $120 for Non-residents*

*Non-resident registration opens March 16

Skate Pequannock

Where: Greenview Park, Lot A, Pequannock NJ

When: Wednesdays, April 1-April 29

Time: 6-7pm

Cost: $100 for Residents, $110 for Non-residents

Ridgewood Rec Skate Classes

Where: 259 North Maple Ave, Ridgewood NJ

When: Mondays, May 4- June 8

Time: Session 1- 3:45-4:45pm, Session 2- 5-6pm

Cost: $110 for Residents, $120 for Non-residents

Nyack Rec Skate Classes

Where: Nyack Memorial Skatepark, Nyack NY

When: Tuesdays, April 28- June 2

Time: Beginner 4-5pm, Intermediate 5-6pm

Cost: $125 for Residents, $150 for Non-residents


Skate Indoors with us this Winter!

At Underground Skateshop, 145 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ

January 12- April 1, 2020. Contact us to schedule your session!


Group Skateboard Lessons

​Join us again this winter as we launch our indoor lessons January 11th on weekends through March. Hours of operation are 10am-6pm on Saturdays and 10am-5pm on Sundays. Our movable ramps ensure a fun and unique skate experience week to week! 

Each lesson is 1 hour long and $30 per skater, these lessons are run in a group dynamic with 2-8 skaters per session with 3-4 instructors. Lessons are tailored around age and skill-level!

These lessons will teach the FUN-damentals to skateboarding while building community among the class and incorporating our S.H.R.E.D. core values.

Skill Building Workshops

Learn a new skill or refine your abilities at an existing skill. Each week we dedicate sessions to mastering a key building block to skateboarding! Just some of our classes include...

  • Ollies, learn to pop, up, over and down! Followed by a friendly high/long ollie contest.

  • Grinds, axel to metal on rails and boxes, ride-on grinds, 50-50s and more! 

  • Footplants, the no-comply, boneless, bean plant, fast plant and more, learn/master these fun and creative tricks! 

  • Youtube, interested in making a youtube video? Learn to film, edit and post your very own skate video! 

  • Create-a-Skate, paint and take home your very own unique skateboard deck! 

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Personal Lessons, Parties, Crafts and More!

Group skating isn't for everyone, progress at your own pace with a personal lesson! If you would prefer a personalized lesson 1 on 1 with an instructor just send us an email! 

In addition our space can be rented for birthday parties, private events and more! 


Back to School SHREDUCATION!

Education meets skateboarding!

School Assemblies

What better way to keep student's morale high than an action packed mid day skateboard assembly! First we give our introduction and a brief Q&A talk about skateboarding. We follow that up with some basic flat ground tricks and a demonstration on some of our portable obstacles. We encourage the students and staff to get involved as we take brave volunteers from the audience to give skateboarding a try with a hand from our instructors. Our skate assemblies are catered to grades K-8.

Afterschool Programs

Schools out and it's time to shred! Programs are tailored to class size and skill level with a student to instructor ratio of 4:1. Each session begins with the class forming a circle, followed by a brief stretching exercise to warm up, then each student will share their goal for the class. We will then break up into small groups based on skill level accompanied by an instructor who will help students work to achieve their goals. This program is geared to grades 3-8.

Home School Classes

Learn the basics of skateboarding with an educational twist! Our home school classes serve as a form of physical education while learning the first steps to skateboarding! We incorporate lessons on angles, fractions, arts & crafts and basic physics into our course curriculum. Homeschool sessions can be set up in the comfort of one's driveway, public parks or your local skatepark, either individually or with a small group of friends. The duration of the class is based on parent preference and is suitable for ages 6-12.


Personal Lessons!

Spring, Summer and Fall

We offer personal lessons available after school and on weekends at the parks listed above as well as Chatham, Livingston, East Orange and the comfort of your own driveway!


Birthday Parties and Private Events

$300/2 Hours

Incorporate skateboarding into your next party, we do birthdays, bar mitzvahs, and private events! With Shred.Co you'll get skateboard instructions, play skill-building games and view professional demonstrations from our instructors. Beginner equipment will be provided.


Street Filming Excursions

After perfecting your runs in the parks it's time to take to the streets! Our excursions take riders to the streets of NYC as we document their tricks for youtube, instagram or sponsorship videos. This service is not offered for beginner level skaters, ages 12 and up.




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