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Our Social Impact

From 2017 to present, some of the work we've done to give back and help others using the power of skateboarding


Therapeutic Skateboarding

It's no secret that skateboarding does wonders for the mind, body and soul. This physical activity is great for getting outdoors and away from mind numbing video games. Skateboarding is a creative outlet that allows for personal expression in style, trick selection, and body motion.

 Skateboarding improves balance and coordination, while burning calories and strengthening muscle. It also teaches resilience, encouraging riders to get back up  and try again after falling down. Skateboarding can alleviate stress, anxiety and depression by clearing the mind and building confidence.

Johnny, Age 57

Documentary in Progress!

During our Colorado trip in July 2017, we filmed a full length video documenting firsthand the therapeutic benefits of skateboarding. Working side by side with local Therapists, we hosted multiple skate clinics catered to people with developmental disabilities, recovering addicts, and those battling homelessness and depression.

After some editing setbacks and a hard drive crash, we were able to recover all of the footage and are back on track. The documentary should be premiering early 2019, stay tuned!


Rehabilitation and Recovery

Skateboarding is an activity that requires complete concentration and presence. The high risk, high reward nature makes it the perfect activity for adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers alike. Trial and error makes skateboarding truly addicting as skaters often work hours on end to perfect a trick, battling against the body and testing ones mental stamina. It is landing that trick you've worked so hard that creates a natural high, a feeling personal satisfaction and accomplishment.

We believe that skateboarding can be an unconventional method to keep recovering addicts having clean sober fun.


Out & About Skate Clinic

Lafayette, Colorado

Video Recap from our 2018 Therapeutic Skate Clinic with Out & About at Lafayette skatepark.


Skate Cuba!

In March 2019, we were authorized for travel to Cuba through the organization Cubaskate. We jammed packed our suitcases with dozens of skateboard parts, shoes and clothes to provide to the skaters of Cuba! Because of Cuba's government, skateboard shops are prohibited in the country so all of the skaters must rely on outside donations for new skateboards, shoes and equipment. Our video recap is currently in the works!

Meet Rick...

This 11 year old Cuban shredder was skating the Plaza de Prado on a janky board with missing screws, mixed sized trucks and 2 different pairs of shoes... During our time in Cuba, Rick met up with us everyday and showed us his genuine love for skateboarding! It was a no brainer for us to hook him up with a fresh complete and some new Vans skate shoes! Keep shredding Rick, we hope to see you again next time!

29433632_Unknown copy.JPG

Skate Nica!

 In May 2017, we had the opportunity to represent GLOBE, a student run micro-finance organization, as a Fellow on their trip to Nicaragua. During our time there we visited the cities of Managua, Matagalpa, Granada, and San Juan Del Sur visiting other microfinance institutes, local business, and the GLOBE borrowers. We brought along 4 skateboards with us and donated them to different schools and youth organizations across the country offering some basic skateboard training to go along with them! 

Skateboard Donations

Meet Margarita and Marcelo! (pictured right) Margarita is a borrower of GLOBE's micro-loan program. With a loan of only $700 Margarita was able to start a small breakfast restaurant in the city of Managua. Her son Marcelo, age 6, suffers from a learning disability and would often take her attention away from her business. Skate.Now donated a board to Marcelo to keep him occupied and out of his mother's hair. Both were so grateful and smiling ear to ear!

The boys of rural mountain city, Matagalpa, (pictured above) take a different approach to skating using their board as a toboggan to bomb the city's dirt hills. Not too shabby for kids who've never seen a skateboard before! 

Margarita and Marcelo

Foster Care Demo

One Simple Wish, a support center for foster children in Trenton NJ, was interested in putting on a "skateboard show" for some of their residents.

Our demonstration took place in the alley behind the support center. It was some of the roughest ground we've skated on so even basic tricks became difficult, but the challenge made it more fun. The kids were so hyped on our skateboarding, cheering us on as we landed tricks, and encouraging us to go bigger! 

After the demo we had some of the kids to try out our boards, teaching them the basics on how to ride. Some of the braver ones even attempted the 'mushroom jump'. The kids treated us like celebrities, hanging on us and asking us for pictures. 

Big Brother Big Sister Team Building Clinic

In February 2017, Simple Creations teamed up with Skate.Now in Parsippany, NJ to offer a skateboard building workshop and instructional demonstration for underprivileged youth.

There was a total of 12 children accompanied by a team of adults who assisted them in the decorating and constructing their first skateboards. Skate.Now then offered the children a brief tutorial on the first steps to skateboarding. Their smiles lit up the room as the kids learned how to push, ride and one of our personal favorites, the mushroom jump! 

We hold this experience dear to our hearts as it was one our first social impact projects, an experience that altered our perception on skateboarding. It was this clinic that made us realize first had how skateboarding isn't just pushing a piece of wood, it's healing power is truly magical and we are thankful to be included in such a positive event.