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Kind Words from Pleased Parents

“My son, Jake, has been skating with Evan, the Skate.Now Director, for a little over a year and his skills have improved tremendously.  Evan is enthusiastic, patient and supportive which has been a huge confidence booster for my son. Now, with the creation of the Skate.Now program, Evans ability to teach skateboarding has been propelled to a whole new level.  His energy and excitement create a fun environment for the kids to learn and they really enjoy learning together!  Jake loves all of his new tricks such as getting air, drop ins, ollies and grinds and can't wait until the next skate lesson to learn with his class.  At the end of the season, Evan put together a competition where they had the opportunity to show off all that they had learned.  He even got local skateboard shop Underground Skate to donate prizes.  The boys were all so excited! It was a fun event with both parents and kids cheering each other on.  If you have a child that is interested in skateboarding, don't delay, sign them up for Skate.Now!.”

-Rina Conti

“Our son, Tommy is 10 years old and had some basic experience getting around on a skateboard, but after we visited a REAL skateboard park while on vacation in Arizona over the summer, he was much more inspired to learn some tricks and get good at a park in New Jersey.

We met Evan from Skate.Now at the Chatham skate park one day when we were just checking out the park.  He gave us his card, and that week we set up our first private lesson with Evan.  It went really well, and then we signed up for the 4 week group session Evan mentioned would be starting in October.  We hopped on board immediately since Tommy was eager to learn as much as he could and get some practice in.

Evan e-mailed a great explanation about what would be covered in the class, and being placed with a group of boys at a similar skill level was perfect.  Each session was 2 hours long every Sunday, which was a nice family activity to do together.   They would usually spend the first hour working on their skills, and the second hour doing a little videoing.  Later in the week Evan would send out a link to a youtube video of the boys working on their skills set to some cool music.  This was very exciting for Tommy and I think being able to share his skateboarding on social media was good for his confidence!

Over a few short weeks Tommy learned several new skills with Evan.  To name a few:  boneless, axle stall, getting air, grinding, riding off of ledges and hubbas, rolling in to half pipes and spines.  To see him growing and improving each week was amazing for us to experience.  Evan was great with the boys; very patient and encouraging.  

On the 3rd week of the session, Evan coordinated a real competition with the group, which was sponsored by the Underground Skate shop.  Each boy was able to demonstrate skills in all 3 areas of the park, doing their best tricks for a minute and a half.  At the conclusion, all kids were awarded prizes, ranging from wheels and skateboard stickers to a new deck and grip tape.   Evan was very sensitive to the feelings of the non-winning kids, allowing them to pick their prizes from the box first and then presenting the winner with the grand prize.  I think each boy left feeling accomplished.

Overall, I think the program was run really well.  Evan was consistent and reliable throughout the session, and I think it was fairly priced.   My son learned a lot in a short amount of time, and we will definitely continue with Evan if another program is offered!   We would highly recommend this program to our friends and family.   : ) ”

-Lina Catanzaro
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