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One Simple Wish x Skate.Now

One Simple Wish, a support center for foster children in Trenton NJ, was interested in putting on a "skateboard show" for some of their residents. We were invited through a friend of a friend Julian, who reached out to me when he was in need of a skateboard instructor. On June 27, 2017, We drove down to Trenton to join Julian and Dave, a teammate of mine from Underground Skateshop.

Originally we were supposed to do some lessons and board give aways to the residents there but since we only had 7 boards and there was about 20 kids, there wasn't enough boards for everyone so we put on a skate demo instead.

The demo took place in the alley behind the support center, it was some of the roughest ground I've skated on so even basic tricks became difficult. The kids were so hyped on skateboarding, cheering us on as we landed tricks. Julian had built a kicker ramp, it was small but it did the job, these kids were so psyched to see Julian launch a kickflip off the kicker and over a speed bump. He broke his board on the first attempt but after using Dave's he nailed the kickflip over the bump and the kids went wild.

After the session we had some of the kids to try out our boards, teaching them the basics on how to ride. Some of the braver ones even attempted the 'mushroom jump'. The kids treated us like celebrities, hanging on us and asking us for pictures, almost all wanted to try out the skateboard, it was awesome!

On the drive home I remember being so happy with the results of the show. I was amazed by the amount of excitement ad happiness skateboarding can bring to others. Skate.Now would love to work with One Simple Wish again in the future!

Julian, (top left) Dave, (right of Julian) myself, (bottom right) and the kids of One Simple Wish!



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