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Colorado Outreach Pt 2: Out & About x Skate.Now

It was the first full day of our Colorado Outreach Trip, I was extremely nervous. I had made plans to host a therapeutic skateboard clinic with Out & About, a Boulder non-profit organization providing support for children and adults with developmental disabilities. I was informed there were going to be about 30 children ages 7-18 accompanied with an assistant from the Out & About program.I thought to myself, great, how am I, one person, going to put on a skate clinic for 60 something people at a skatepark I've never been to, with only 7 skateboards.

I had flown in to Denver the previous day and I was staying at my cousin, Craig's, house. I had brought 4 skateboards with me on the plane total, I squeezed 3 in my checked bag and carried on the fourth. After I landed, Craig and I drove to several skate shops and sporting good stores in search of helmets for cheap. After a couple failed attempts we hit the helmet jackpot, it was a re-sale sporting goods shop. I walked out with 5 helmets for only $17. Two of them were quality skateboard helmets, the third was a bike helmet and the other two were baseball helmets, I didn't really care if they looked cool, they just had to protect a kid's head if they fell. Luckily for me Craig let me borrow his skateboard and his long board for the clinic, we got the seventh board for one of Craig's neighbor. I was as prepared as I was going to get.

I tried to get to sleep early that night because the clinic was at 9am but I was really nervous. I had taught skateboard clinics before but never one this size completely on my own.

It was 8am, Monday July 10, I loaded up Craig's Subaru with the boards and helmets, I dropped Craig off at work and then drove 30 minutes to Lafayette Skatepark, a small Colorado town on the outskirts of Boulder. There I met Bridget, the counselor I coordinated the event with, and the rest of the Out & About crew started to pour in in small groups.

This gave me the idea to conduct the clinic by breaking up the big group of 30 into smaller groups of 4 or 5. Our first group arrived and they were so eager to skate, Chase, age 8, tried jumping on the board before the session even started. I took the first group into the park to begin our skate session.