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April Skateboard Classes

Skate.Now's April Skate Class is a four week program running from April 8th through April 30th meeting at Bloomfield skatepark on Saturdays and Chatham Skatepark on Sundays. The program implements skill building exercises that teach new tricks and refine existing skills. Creative skateboarding games are played to keep the skaters entertained while improving their board control.

Week 1: Introduction class: the skaters will introduce themselves and set goals for the class. The skaters will take part in a brief skill assessment, then skateboarding games will be played to familiarize class.

Week 2: Video class: the class will showoff some of their newly developed skills in front of the camera, a video montage will then be compiled and shared on youtube and other media outlets.

Week 3: Demo class: On the third week a demo event will be hosted. Local sponsored skateboarders will demonstrate skills discussed in the class and make full use of the parks terrain for the class to observe.

Week 4: Class Contest: We will host a contest sponsored by a local skateboard shop. Skaters will be broken up into groups based on their skill level and compete against each other for prizes. Parents are welcome to attend. Prizes will vary and will include items such as skateboard deck(s), wheels, stickers, clothing, candy and more.

A majority of the program will be documented to showcase skaters progress and highlight their personalities. A final video will be compiled and posted for the participants and parents to view and share.

Send us an email to enroll in our April class today!

Check out the video from our October 2016 Program!