Introducing Shred.Co

Shred.Co is a skateboard instructional program based out of Montclair, New Jersey. Our mission is simple, to improve mental, physical, and social well being on a local and global scale through skateboarding!

We provide for-profit guidance through instructional lessons, multi-level skate classes, in-school assemblies, after-school programs, homeschool sessions, street filming missions and birthday party packages.

Portions of the profit raised are redirected into social impact projects such as equipment donations, therapeutic skate clinics, free skate lessons, demonstrations and charitable events in the community and across the world!

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What does it mean to SHRED?

Shredding can be defined in the action sports world as: Riding with exceptional ability, style, speed or enthusiasm. 

We believe shredding transcends skateboarding. We teach at each of our classes what it takes to SHRED in all aspects of life!

Setting Goals

Helping Others

Respect for Each Other, Yourself and Surroundings

Expressing Oneself

Determination & Dedication

The CO in SHRED.CO stands for the community we build and connections we share through skateboarding.

All Ages, All Skill Levels

Some of our pleased shred community!

Skateboarding is for everyone! Don't feel limited by your age or abilities, anyone can enjoy the thrills of skateboarding and reap the benefits that come along with it!